DASH  0.3.0
Here is a list of all modules:
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 DART - The DASH Runtime InterfaceCommon C interface of the underlying communication back-end
 Collective communication routines in DART
 DART runtime configuration interface
 Global memory and PGAS address semantics
 DART Initialization and Finalization
 Locality- and topolgy discovery
 Types used in the DART interface
 DASH Reduce OperationsDistributed reduce operation types
 Algorithms operating on DASH containers
 Dash C++ ConceptsConcepts for C++ components in DASH
 Container ConceptConcept of a distributed container
 Array Concept
 List ConceptConcept of a distributed one-dimensional list container
 Matrix ConceptConcept for a distributed n-dimensional matrix
 Unordered Map ConceptConcept of a distributed unordered map container
 Global Iterator ConceptConcept for iterators in global index space
 Pattern ConceptConcept of a distribution pattern of n-dimensional containers to units in a team
 Pattern PropertiesProperty system for specification and deduction of pattern types